Tourist sites opened during the PSBB transition

The Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta has decided to extend the PSBB (Large-Scale Social Limitation) and continue to the transition period. Some tourist sites will be opened at this time. Anything?
According to DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan, the Jakarta PSBB was extended until this June. Then, after that the activity can take place towards the new normal and healthy.

“At present the status has not changed, it remains PSBB. But we are starting to make the transition in June. Towards what? Towards safe, healthy, productive,” he explained in a press conference on Thursday (6/4/2020).

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Meanwhile, the opening date of the tourist sites in the transition period has been set, namely:

Mall: June 15-21
Indoor / outdoor recreation park: June 15-21
Zoo: June 15-21
Museum / gallery: June 8-14
Library: June 8-14
Park / RPTRA: June 8-14
Beach: June 8-14

The following is a list of tourist locations in Jakarta:

1. National Gallery

Photo: Detikhot

Tourist sites that can be tried when PSBB Jakarta is extended is the National Gallery (Galnas). You can enjoy various art performances held there.

2. Ancol

Photo: Kompas/Aris Prasetyo (APO)

Ancol is one of the favorite tourist sites of the community. There are many games that can be done there, for example playing water on the beach, to try attractions in the Dufan arena.

3. National Monument

Photo: Reddoorz Blog

The National Monument or Monas is an icon of the city of Jakarta. The location is in Medan Merdeka, Central Jakarta. Visitors who come can enjoy the city of Jakarta by going up to the monument.

The building itself was built in 1961 or during the reign of President Sukarno. Then it was inaugurated on July 12, 1975 or during Soeharto’s presidency.

4. Old Town Complex

Photo: Airpazz

This tourist location, also known as Old Batavia, is located in North Jakarta. Not just an old building, this complex has the Fatahilah Museum, the Puppet Museum, and the Bank Indonesia Museum.

Besides being able to learn history at the museum, visitors to Kota Tua can also enjoy the atmosphere by going around the complex by renting a bicycle.

5. Ragunan Wildlife Park

Photo: Ayo Jakarta

The last tourist location that can be enjoyed when PSBB Jakarta is extended is Ragunan Wildlife Park. This location is located in Ragunan, South Jakarta.

There are various kinds of animals that can be seen in this place, such as elephants, giraffes, to gorillas. In addition, this location has a cool atmosphere because it is full of trees.

If you are interested in visiting the tourist sites above, you can look up schedule information at Explore Jakarta.

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